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It’s a vet’s life

Dr Sonel Snyman

I think people who love animals are awesome.

If you’re reading this, and you have a pet (or a pet has you), you’re amazing, and I want to thank you.

It’s people such as you, and your incredible furry friends, who make my job an absolute joy. You guys make the highs higher, and the lows bearable. Being a…

Blood donation in dogs

Summer is the season when we perform the most blood transfusions. This is because Babesis, a common tick borne disease of dogs, is more prevalent. Dogs need transfusions for other reasons such as trauma; bite-wounds, or car accidents, where massive haemorrhage has occurred, surgery with bleeding, liver disease, septicaemia, and if they have eaten rat poison and have clotting deficiencies.

Dogs are different from humans in that…

Booking your pet’s holiday

Are you going away and sending your pets on their holidays as well? Here are a few tips to make a kennel or cattery stay as happy as possible.

The best kennels and catteries get filled up well in advance, especially at Christmas and New Year, so be as organised as you can and book well in advance. If you have not used a facility before, make sure you visit, and meet some of the staff before making a booking. All facilities vary and…

Too hot to handle!

Heat stroke occurs when the body temperature exceeds 40°C – hyperthermia. It is an emergency!

Heat stroke can occur for various reasons; some diseases and medications can contribute to heat stroke, but most often it is caused by excess external heat and/or humidity, or an inability to regulate body temperature.

Pets most at risk of heat stroke are those with thick dense coats, those that have…

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