Behaviour Consultations

As a pet owner, one of our biggest needs is to have a healthy, happy relationship with our pets. Pets are part of our family and we need to understand them, what motivates them, and realise what will make a happy healthy companion.

Many things can upset the fine balance in a household, and issues can occur. We also need to understand that some pets can be more problematic than others. At Valley Farm Animal Hospital we know this and know that problem pets are often taken to adoption centres or euthanised when problems are not resolved.

Dr Karien Brink, our animal behaviourist, can assist you to resolve these issues and return to a happy loving relationship. Among her services, she will assist in:

  • Managing anxieties and phobia, such as separation anxiety and noise phobia
  • Understanding and managing your aggressive pet
  • Introducing a new pet to your household
  • Recognising and treating unwanted or abnormal behaviour

Consultations are done at the practice, home visits, and telephonically.

Valley Farm Animal Hospital also offers Puppy Socialisation classes once a week as part of a six-week course.

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