Complex Medicine Cases

Almost every pet will get sick at some point in their life; it could be a bout of gastro, heart failure or a hormonal imbalance. Many can be diagnosed and treated during a regular consultation with home care by the owner.

If your pet is sick, please make an appointment with one of our veterinarians by contacting us on 012 991 3573. It is always best that the person who cares for the pet the most comes with so they can answer any questions.

Dr Salome Nagel, Specialist Physician, is on hand for more complex medicine cases. Dr Salome sees patients referred from practices all over South Africa. In-house Dr Salome is assisted by veterinarians with experience and interest in medicine.

Complex medicine cases are like jigsaw puzzles with all the parts needing to come together to see the whole picture. Often these pets have to undergo extensive tests including blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasound scans before a diagnosis and prognosis can be given. At Valley Farm Animal Hospital we have much of the necessary diagnostic equipment on hand to perform these crucial tests.

Pets that need to stay with us for tests or treatment will be cared for by a dedicated team of nurses in our High Care ward which is equipped with everything necessary to monitor and care for these sick pets.

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