Pets requiring dental care need to see Dr Terri Shields or Dr Arpana Bhagwan, for a full health check before being admitted for their dental work. Dr Terri Shields is an Advanced Dental Practitioner. She holds an NANZCVS Dentistry qualification.

Only after this examination will the doctor be able to give you an accurate estimate of costs.

Dental procedures can be booked Monday to Friday. Places are limited so please call in advance on 012 991 3573.

All pets requiring a scale and polish will have a general anaesthetic so will need to have 12 hours starvation.

Often it is older pets that need dental treatment, and it may be necessary to run blood tests to check organ function, place them on an intravenous drip, or organise for Dr Gareth Zeiler, Specialist Veterinary Anaesthetist, to be present for your pet.

A dental scale and polish involves an examination of the mouth, with X-rays if necessary. Damaged or diseased teeth will be extracted. An ultrasonic dental scaler is used to remove the scale and tartar from your pet’s teeth, in the same way human oral hygienists do.

When all the cleaning and extraction work is complete,  the teeth are polished with a high-speed dental polisher and special toothpaste. It is essential this is done as the ultrasonic scaler makes microscopic scratches in the tooth enamel which, if not polished out, will be an excellent place for food and bacteria to start to build up again.

Some patients may be sent home with a course of antibiotic tablets and/or painkillers. Older animals are often kept overnight to monitor their full recovery from the anaesthetic, and to ensure they are eating well prior to going home.

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