Without a proper and final diagnosis of your pet’s condition, only the symptoms are treated, and not the underlying causes of their diseases. This can at times be effective, but very often it is not, and can result in the deterioration of the pet’s condition. This leads to additional suffering, and added expenses for the owner.

At Valley Farm Animal Hospital we make a diagnosis before starting treatment, where possible, so we know what the prognosis will be and the treatment we give will be effective.

We make full use of the equipment at the practice, and other local institutions as necessary.

Our in-house Idexx Catalyst analyser can run blood teats (serum chemistry, electrolytes, haematology) with results available within 15 minutes. In some cases, this is sufficient to make a diagnosis and allow us to start treatment.

Digital radiology is available and allows quick assessment of trauma patients. We take over 30 X-rays every day. X-rays help diagnose lung diseases, intestinal obstructions, fractures, arthritis, certain cancers, and bladder stones amongst many other diseases.

More advanced X-ray techniques, Ultrasound scans, Endoscopy, MRI scans, and CT Scans can be used to back up X-rays findings, or as stand-alone techniques to make a diagnosis.

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